How to Remove Paint from Glass Without Scratching

Having freshly painted window frames can be a really simple and effective home improvement that can really smarten up the overall look of a home. However, if not much care has been taken when painting, you might leave paint marks on the glass. Paint spots or smears are noticeable when you look out the window every day, and can quickly damage the reputation of a painter and decorator.

What can be done to prevent paint marks on the glass of a window? We recommend the following our work partner Raymond Ellul at Plasterer, Artexer, Painter & Decorator Cardiff for more expert tips on keeping tidy during your painting and decorating projects! 

The type of paint is an important consideration. With warm soapy water and a sponge, some types of paint, such as watercolours used for temporary window signs and seasonal decorating, can removed easily, but house paint can be a different story.

Ceramic frit (baked into a glass surface) and other finished glass surfaces are not removable. The paint/frit has been encrusted on the glass (fused). Latex paints are not difficult to remove, and certain acrylic paints can also be easily cleaned. If your painter has left paint marks on your windows, what can you do to remove the paint from the glass without scratching the window? 

We asked a professional window cleaner with many years of experience, and owner of Trueclean Plus Ltd.  Matt recommends the following.


If soapy water does not remove the paint then use a scraper. Use a large professional window cleaning scraper about 6-7 inches wide. The bigger the surface area for the blade to touch the glass the less risk of scratching the glass.


Always place the scraper flat to the pane of glass, don't try to use the corner to scrap the paint off or you'll risk scratching! 


Make sure the glass is lubricated with soapy water to allow the scraper to move smoothly across the glass and avoid any marks. 


When you have removed all of the paint marks, squeegee the window and use a clean microfiber cloth to remove any excess water.


And you're done! enjoy the view!

Matt, owner of Trueclean Plus Ltd.

If you are unsure or have any doubts about doing this yourself then please use a professional window cleaning service They have been highly recommended for their professional work and trustworthiness. 



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